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I’ve always believed if you live right, then once is enough.

As a registered exercise professional and certified holistic health coach, I use my understanding of the human body, mind and my passion for living life to the fullest to empower others to step into the best version of themselves.

My exercise classes and coaching will help you achieve your well-being goals and make your life more joyful.

"Maria's enthusiasm, fun loving personality and drive for well-being, health and fitness had me intrigued and hooked from the beginning. She offers a variety of products and programs I have benefited from, I struggled with my weight all my life yo-yo dieting, failing at managing and maintaining my weight, mentally getting myself into dark horrible places.
I did the 18 days to well-being and it was a total game changer for me. I was provided with unconditional support and coaching, positive, life changing tools and skills to help me maintain and deal with what I have struggled with all my life. I will never forget the sense of relief, fulfilment and gratitude when I completed this program and I still do, to this day".

Mary Potts, Christchurch. 
"Maria Teresa's Powerful YOU classes are lots of fun and a great way to exercise especially, if like me you prefer to exercise in your own time and the convenience of your own home. I have found that I am now completing class styles and exercises that I would not have attempted in the past, as my confidence has grown. The classes are short and easy to follow, and always enjoyable. I especially love the monthly  Live class on Zoom. 
I have also loved the 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Maria. She has helped me improve many lifestyle habits, make better decisions and work through any issues I have. I always feel comfortable talking to Maria and she has been so supportive. I really feel I have made so many positive changes with the coaching sessions. Thank you Maria for everything we are able to do together".

Mandy Marley, Sydney.
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So you can live your best life, yet.

Maria Teresa Stone has a successful career in holistic health and is here to support you in your wellness journey.

Learn more about her online fitness program, Zumba¬ģ classes, wellbeing workshops, instructor trainings and health coaching below.

Powerful YOU

Powerful YOU is an online exercise program designed to empower women to get moving anywhere, anytime!

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Zumba¬ģ Classes

Dance and sweat with Maria. In person classes in West Melton, Canterbury and virtual classes via Zoom. 

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1-on-1 Coaching

Talk all things wellness with Maria Teresa Stone your holistic health coach. Contact Maria to enquire below.

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18 Days to Wellbeing

Are you ready to live the life you have always wanted? Learn about foods that nourish you, get moving with daily activities and be supported by Maria Teresa and Eliza along your journey to wellbeing. 

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Zumba¬ģ Instructor¬†Trainings¬†

Become a licensed ZUMBA¬ģ instructor with ZES Maria Teresa Stone.¬†

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My Group Move

The leading provider of group fitness & aqua instructor conferences, expert training programs, and personalised coaching.

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"18 days  to well-being changed my whole attitude towards myself, my body, the way I eat, exercise and how I care for myself.

Powerful You has grown, challenged and developed my fitness greatly. I use and appreciate so many more parts of my body, and it's so quick and easy to jump on and do a class wherever I am. 

The Powerful You challenges are a fantastic way to focus and improve specific elements of my fitness whilst keeping me accountable. I love being a part of the Powerful You community. We share our successes and experiences, connect and have fun through the live classes. 

I love Maria's passion, enthusiasm, commitment and sense of humour". 

Rosie Clews, Western Australia
"For me moving my body has always been about enjoyment. Finding ways to have a really good time while exercising is important to me. 
Enter Maria Teresa Stone with Zumba, and my love for dance and I was hooked. Her energy is infectious, the community that she has created is supportive and you cant help but be filled with joy (and sweat) by the end of a Zumba class. 
I have also had the pleasure of joining the Powerful You community of women to take my strength and flexiblity to the next level. I love using the on demand classes when I'm on holiday to keep moving even when my location changes. 
Maria you are an incredible trainer, who motivates, encourages and makes me laugh. I look forward to my classes every week!

Kate Fahey, Christchurch.
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